Cremorne 1859 Colonel Fox's Gin

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Cremorne 1859 Colonel Fox's Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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There’s something slightly old school about Cremorne 1859 Colonel Fox London Dry Gin. With a museum of curiosities look and a taste that harks back to the gins of yore, this is an extremely classic gin, with rich, ripe juniper and toasted coriander.

Cremorne 1859 Gin is a soft, smooth spirit with an abundance of juniper oils helping to contribute a rich mouthfeel. It is classic stuff, so should be classically served: ice and a slice please, barman!

Key Flavours

"A good gin to have in the essentials list. Good price, solid liquid - what's not to love?"

About this product

Cremorne 1859 London Dry Gin is made by the team at Thames Distillers, who employ a multishot London Dry method. All of the botanicals – including juniper, bitter orange peel and cassia – are macerated ahead of distillation.

CASK Liquid marketing co-founders Richard Herbert and Stuart Eskins launched Cremorne 1859 in 2012, with a little design help from artist Charlotte Cory. Colonel Fox London Dry Gin was their first release.

Thames Distillers, based in South London, is a contract distillery responsible for creating so many of today’s gins. Distiller Charles Maxwell is a dab hand, able to perfect a gin in a couple of tries. If he’s made it, it’s good.

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