Cross Stream Dry Gin

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Cross Stream Dry Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

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Small batch in the truest sense of the term, Marlow based Cross Stream Distillery are a nano operation with a fantastic London Dry Gin. Great for those who love a classic style, from a team whose personal touch can be seen in everything they do.

Cross Stream London Dry Gin packs a good punch of citrus, has a strong backbone of juniper and a subtle hint of spice, making for an incredibly smooth gin with a long finish. Serve with a slice of Pink Grapefruit in a G&T.

Key Flavours

"Cardamom and grains of paradise mark the beginning of the end, but the unusual addition of wormwood steps in to pinch everything off at once. It’s an incredibly well executed Gin and will work in many a classic cocktail."

About this product

Using 60 litre alembic copper pot still from Portugal and a wheat based NGS base, Cross Stream Dry Gin is made to a London Dry Method.

Made by Charles and Chloe White, whose lifelong desire to create something of their own lead them to distilling. They are the embodiment of letting go of fear and embracing the positive ‘what ifs,’ devoting their creativity towards fulfilling a dr...

Cross Stream Distillery is located in picturesque Marlow, Buckinghamshire (just off the River Thames).

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