Daffy's Small Batch Premium Gin

Daffy's Small Batch Premium Gin

70cl | 43.4% ABV | Scotland

Named for the apparent Goddess of Gin, Daffy’s is a slickly packaged Edinburgh-based gin with a beautifully refreshing mint profile and a great lick of citrus. It’s a truly transporting gin, evocative of a cool, green forest in the middle of summer.

Daffy’s Gin is a really enjoyable one to sip and unpick, with the botanicals well poised and patient – unleashing themselves one at a time. The cooling mint qualities call out for this to be shaken into a Gin Ricky.

Key Flavours

"Smooth, easy sipping and really accessible flavour profile of citrus, mint and a soft finish makes this a gin perfect for those dipping their toe into the category and wanting to be eased into it."

About this product

Daffy’s Gin is made at Langley Distilling, but in an unusual twist, brand owner Chris Molyneaux performs the distillation process, rather than the Langley staff. The hearts cut of the spirit is sent home to Edinburgh, then cut to 43.4% and bottled.

Chris Molyneaux is a very specific man, hence his turn at the wheel of Langley’s stills. He knew exactly what he wanted from Daffy’s Gin – something very firmly Gin, but distinctive in its own rights. Aim met, we’d say.

Langley Distillery, based in the West Midlands, is a historic distillery producing well over 100 gins, many under contract. There are some truly exceptional spirits amongst their collection, made on some of the oldest working gin stills in the UK.

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