Damoiseau Les Arrangés Pineapple & Vanilla Rum

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Damoiseau Les Arrangés Pineapple & Vanilla Rum

70cl | 30% ABV | France

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Guadeloupe based distillery, Damoiseau, have taken sugar cane juice Rum Agricole and infused it with freshly cut chunks of Victoria pineapple and a vanilla pod (that are in the actual bottle).

Mellow vanilla sweetness, tangy pineapple and fresh grassy notes with a hint of spice. The sweetness of fruit and spice perfectly balances the tangy funk and grassiness of rhum Agricole.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruit

About this product

Starting with a Rhum Agricole-base, Les Arrangés Pineapple & Vanilla is bottled at 30% abv and contain freshly cut fruit and a pod in each bottle.

Guadalupe-based rhum Agricole distillery Damoiseau is iconic. In 1942, Roger Damoiseau bought the distillery and today, his grandsons, Jean Luc and Evre Damoiseau are at the helm.

Distilled on the tropical paradise of Guadeloupe, Damoiseau is the only surviving distillery on the island.

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