Dartmouth English Gin

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Dartmouth English Gin

70cl | 45% ABV | England

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Dartmouth English Gin is a self-styled contemporary classic that seeks to reflect the maritime heritage of its Brixham home. With lavender, rose, rosemary and lime leaves in the mix, it is in one of the best we’ve tried in years.

With gentle notes of lavender and rose, fragrant herbs and a splash of citrus juice cutting through the crisp pine, Dartmouth Gin is one of the best G&T gins on the market. Serve with Indian tonic and a rosemary and grapefruit garnish.

Key Flavours

"A truly special contemporary classic ranked in the top tier of Dry Gins anywhere in the world. There's bright citrus, soft florals, clear gin heart and onto a lingering finish. The perfectly layered journey is a treat to the senses. A must have."

About this product

Dartmouth Gin is made on a 230-litre copper pot still, using a multi-shot process. The hardest botanicals are macerated in spirit overnight, whilst the fresh, juicy ones – like lavender, grapefruit and Scots pine – are placed in the vapour basket.

Dartmouth Gin is the brainchild of Lance Whitehead, a former RAF man who caught something of a taste for juniper over the years... He and his wife, Catherine, also run a fabulous winery in Devon making English still and sparkling wines.

Based on the Calancombe Estate, Dartmouth Gin Distillery has been one to watch ever since it won Craft Gin of the Year 2018 mere months after its launch. There’s more to come from this team, and all of it will be perfectly executed.

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