Della Vite Prosecco Luminosa Cocktail Bundle
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Della Vite Prosecco Luminosa Cocktail Bundle

75/70/50cl | 20.% ABV | England

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To celebrate International Woman’s Month this March, Della Vite have created a cocktail bundle to show off the DOC Treviso Prosecco. The Bundle includes a bottle of Xeco Amontillado Sherry and St Germain Elderflower liqueur.

The Aperitivo hour has become a mainstay during lockdown. It is key to opt for quality Prosecco if you want to transform a moment into an occasion.

What's in the bundle?

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur is a floral liqueur made with fresh, hand-picked elderflowers and elaborated in the traditional French style, using a process that has existed for centuries.

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Xeco Amontillado Sherry

Xeco Amontillado has a wonderfully nutty, aromatic character, and a glorious amber hue. We recommend always drinking it chilled or mixed up in a Manhattan (sub out the vermouth).

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Della Vite Treviso Prosecco (DOC)

Packed with a perfume of jasmine and lavender, Della Vite (translating as ‘of the vine’) Treviso Prosecco is a refined a versatile bottling brought to you by the Delevingne sisters.

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