Devil's Botany Absinthe Regalis

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Devil's Botany Absinthe Regalis

70cl | 63% ABV | England

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With it's vibrant emerald hue, Devil's Botany Absinthe Regalis is traditional, yet mysteriously exotic. One to use in a Sazerac.

Complex, spiced & herbaceous on the nose with an unmistakable aroma of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of wormwoods. To taste, it's bittersweet with anise & fennel on the palate, finishing on an intoxicating combination of herbs and hints of mint.

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22 botanicals, including Grand Wormwood, green anise, fennel seed, sage, cinnamon, nutmeg and more are distilled. It is then macerated with a new mix of botanicals to achieve its emerald green - including white dead nettle and milk thistle.

After their curiosity for absinthe was first piqued when they opened their cocktail bar in 2016, Allison Crawbuck and Rhys Everett decided to found Devil's Botany in order to add a new chapter to its infamous history.

Devil's Botany is inspired by the craft of London’s eighteenth-century apothecaries and as the first new London Absinthe maker in decades, draws on the history of botanical elixirs once concocted in the city & builds a new legacy for the category.

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