Dodd's Gin

Dodd's Gin

50cl | 49.9% ABV | England

Dodd’s Gin, the London Distillery Company’s first child 100% organic product that manages to showcase the more green-fingered side of London, with local honey even tip toeing across the tongue.

Whilst traditionally styled, with a juniper headliner, a zingy lime peel adds as a good bridge, with the black cardamom adding a funky depth - try this in a Negroni.

Key Flavours

"There's such intricacy on the label and combined the tall elegant nature of the bottle itself, Dodd's Gin really stands out on the shelf."

About this product

Dodd’s Gin undergoes a dual distillation method, with the more traditional botanicals distilled in a 14-=litre copper alembic still, and more volatile botanicals – like raspberry leaf and black cardamom – distilled cold, under vacuum.

Dodd’s Gin is made by the London Distillery Company, a Battersea based distillery that was one of the first in the new wave of craft makers.

The London Distillery Company is an amazing company, with a sumptuous collection of gins and London’s first Whisky in a century. It was recently acquired by the British Honey Company.

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