Dolin Chamberyzette (Fraise)

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Dolin Chamberyzette (Fraise)

70cl | 16% ABV | France

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Dolin Chamberyzette is the a little taste of the Belle Époque, combining White Vermouth with strawberry liqueur. Light and invitingly fresh on the palate, it makes the ultimate scarlet-hued aperitif.

The perfect marriage of fruit and vermouth, Chamberyzette has a signature tart taste accompanied by hints of strawberry sweetness. It finishes off dry with the fruity strawberry lingering long after. 

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Created by Rosalie Dolin in 1902, the success of the "Chambéry-fraise" was largely responsible for making the reputation of the Maison Dolin abroad. "An exquisite aperitif made with strawberries from the Alps" is how Chambéryzette was described at...

Dolin is one of the last independent vermouth producers and still follows the same recipes from 1821. Only two families have been at the helm of the Dolin company in 200 years - the Chavasse/Dolin family and the Sevez family.

Since its creation in the 1830s, the Dolin company has drawn its inspiration from the Alps. Chambery is the only controlled appellation in France for the production of vermouth and Dolin is the last producer of Vermouth de Chambery.

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