Downton Abbey Gin

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Downton Abbey Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

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Fans of the English drama, Downton Abbey, now have a gin inspired from the show they can serve up. Made in North Yorkshire it tries to evoke the show's bygone era by including botanicals like ginger, lime and rose water.

Quite a traditional Dry Gin with plenty of piney juniper throughout. In keeping with the classic style, expect a burst of citrus upfront and warming spice to finish. The rose adds an added layer here, great to accentuate in a G&T.

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About this product

With such an experienced mentor, it's little wonder that the team operate a multi-shot LDN Dry method to make Downton Abbey Gin, where a core trio of juniper, coriander and angelica are complimented by fresh ginger and lime peel (amongst others)

Spirit of Harrogate is owned by Sally & Steve, two former film and TV execs who moved to Yorkshire to embark on a different path. They were assisted by industry legend, Tom Nichol, to help create the gin and learn the distilling ropes.

The distillery is based at Ripley Castle in the heart of Yorkshire. It's equally where many of the botanicals for the Gin are grown - they even have a large Victorian Hot House where the tropical plants live!

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