Downton Explorer's Gin

Downton Explorer's Gin

70cl | 44% ABV | England

Named not for the TV show but the ancient manor house on which it is distilled, Downton Distillery’s Explorer's Gin is a tribute to the Golden Era of exploring, when exotic ingredients were brought back to England’s green hills.

Juniper positively sings its way out of the bottle, flanked by a bright, zesty grapefruit and that HUGE cedar note. Szechuan pepper and Pink peppercorn bring a bright spice. We’d serve with a grapefruit garnish in a G&T!

Key Flavours

"Bold, daring and adventurous in all the right ways the cedar is such a standout flavour in the glass that it grabs the attention each and every time. Add to that the beautiful design and Explorer's Gin is a perfect gift that's sure to impress."

About this product

With an amazing blend of exotic (Szechuan pepper) and homespun (Western Red Cedar), Downton Explorer’s Gin follows a sensitive distillation process, with heavier botanicals macerated for 14 hours and lighter ingredients distilled in a vapour basket.

Downton Manor is in the care of Charles and Francesca Andrews, who got hold of the crumbling estate a decade ago and dedicated their lives to it. The Distillery, however, is run by their friend, Hugh Anderson, although it’s something of a team sport.

Based in Wiltshire's Avon Valley, their rural location belies just how globally minded the place is. The former home of Sir Walter Raleigh, it's a somewhere that paradoxically makes you look to the adventure beyond the horizon.

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