Drum & Black Spiced Rum
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Drum & Black Spiced Rum

50cl | 42% ABV | England

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A premium spiced rum, rich in depth and flavour - Drum & Black has classic flavour combinations of vanilla and cinnamon, chocolate and coffee countered by sweet honey and bright zingy citrus.

A rich, sweet spiced rum that matches the coca and coffee bitterness, with the sweetness of honey. Anise flourishes on the finish. Great with Ginger Ale.

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About this product

Drum & Black is three-times distilled in copper pot stills and spiced with seven botanicals including cinnamon and vanilla, cocoa, coffee bean, orange, star anise and English honey. No artificial flavours or colours.

Created by Graham Cotton and Dan Buckland, who met when playing in various bands in London. Deciding to put music aside for a while, they went on a crusade to elevate the perception of spiced rum in the UK.

Drum & Black is made under contract at the English Spirit Distillery, using Venezuelan black strap molasses which is fermented for around 10 - 14 days.

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