Eden Mill Love Gin

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Eden Mill Love Gin

50cl | 42% ABV | Scotland

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Eden Mill Love Gin was initially a Valentine’s Day release, released way back in 2015. Years ahead of the Pink Gin trend, it was snapped up with such ferocity that the Eden Mill team felt they had no choice but to make it a permanent fixture.

This is an undoubtedly floral gin, with the hibiscus flowers in particular singing a loud song. Turn the volume up even further with some tonic and sliced fresh berries.

Key Flavours

"Bright pink and almost glowing on shelf, with the contents boasting vanilla and floral notes with a sharp, sweet and fruity finish, this bottling sits right in the middle of the Pink Gin phenomena."

About this product

To make Love Gin, the Eden Mill team cram their still with the likes of rose petals, goji berries, elderberries and marshmallow root. After the distillation run, they infuse hibiscus flowers into the mix, giving that lovely glow.

Eden Brewery was founded by Paul Miller. It became Scotland’s first combined brewery and distillery when it extended its beer range into the likes of Whiskey and Gin back in 2014.

Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery has a huge collection to its name, as well as a Gin School and a collection of home-based gin tasting sets. Pioneers of flavour, they’re an inventive bunch and one to watch.

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