Element 29 Vodka

Element 29 Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | England

Element 29 is a classic vodka distilled from East Anglian wheat. Perfect for those looking for a trust staple in their cabinets.

Clean aromas with faint white pepper, while to taste it's almost neutral in flavour, fantastic creamy mouthfeel, with subtle cracked black pepper on the finish.

About this product

Made using east Anglian wheat, Element 29 Vodka's process starts Manchester where it is fermented and column distilled. The distillate is then sent to Langley's where it is redistilled in a copper pot still.

Element 29 Vodka is made under contract at Langley Distillery. The brand was created by Mark Hill (Boxer Gin).

Element 29 takes its name, from atomic number of copper (which is no. 29 of the 118 known elements).

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