Fanny Fougerat Petite Cigue VSOP Cognac

Fanny Fougerat Petite Cigue VSOP Cognac

70cl | 40% ABV | France

Fruity with a full mouthfeel, Petite Cigüe is a generous Cognac - the kind that you take out when you look for a for a moment of indulgence.

Lucious with notes of apricot, fresh grapes and perfumed orange. One to enjoy neat, although it also makes for a tasty Old Fashioned as the citrus marries perfectly with the finish of flavour profile.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

Fanny Fougerat Petite Cigue VSOP Cognac is made using grapes from the Borderies region.

Fanny Fougerat is a fourth generation distiller. Her family had been selling eau de vie to the big houses, but she is the first to bottle her own cognac, (and is currently the only woman doing so).

Fanny Fougerart make Cognacs that have their own distinctive terroir and character. They are not blended and but rather, each is a signature cognac with it's own style. A fantastic range to try for those looking to taste the region's diversity.

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