Ferdinand's Saar Quince Gin

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Ferdinand's Saar Quince Gin

50cl | 30% ABV | Germany

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Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin is a sticky sweet gin with a huge thwack of fruit but none of the artificial flavourings of the modern fruit gin movement. Complex, with a beautiful grape quality, this is a gin that wine fans should seek out!

Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin is light and fruity, with soft rose petals and caramelised quince notes coating the tongue in a crackled sugar glaze. Absolutely gorgeous – try pairing with cheese as an alternative after dinner sipper.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
"Simply stunning. It's part gin, part fruit liqueur, part crazy fruity desert wine and somehow all of those factors have combined to be so much more than the sum of their parts. Sip it on the rocks with a massive cheese platter."

About this product

After making their Dry Gin, the Ferdinand’s Saar team add a splash of 2011 Rausch Kabinett wine and a healthy dose of quinces, harvested next door to the distillery. Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin boarders on a liqueur, bottled at 30%.

Ferdinand’s Saar is crafted by Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar, at his Avadis Distillery in Wincheringen. He was almost certainly one of the early pioneers of the gin-wine hybrid, and by using wine, the first to do a liquid based post infusion.

The Avadis Distillery was founded by Andreas, Dorothee Zilliken, Denis Reinhardt and Erik Wimmers, four friends who got together to create products designed to be ‘aromatic reproductions’ or their home region.

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