Filliers Dry Gin 28

Filliers Dry Gin 28

50cl | 46% ABV | Belgium

Filliers Dry Gin 28 is a hand-crafted premium gin, distilled with 28 botanicals carefully selected by the master distiller and based on the authentic recipe with Belgian hops by Firmin Filliers (1888-1965).

Golden hops gives this gin its signature lightly bitter and intense flavour while angelica root, allspice and fresh oranges add depth. Filliers Dry Gin makes an excellent Martini or G&T (we'd add an orange garnish to accentuate the flavour).

Key Flavours


About this product

Filliers made a choice to use a small-scale production process in modest-sized copper stills (alembics) of 500 to 1000 litres a this creates the optimal conditions for the Master Distiller to monitor and maintain the quality and flavour of the gin.

The company was founded in 1880, when Kamiel Filliers installed a steam engine at his agricultural distillery, accelerating the distillation process and turning it into the distillery it is today.

Best known for their genever, Filliers is proud heir to a rich Belgian culinary tradition. In 2012, the company was re-launched after the current Master Distiller worked on recreating the original recipe for more than two years.

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