Fords London Dry Gin

Fords London Dry Gin

70cl | 45% ABV | England

Fords Gin is the ultimate barkeep's multitool – a Swiss Army knife of a gin capable of bending to the whim of any cocktail. Even the bottle is an instrument, designed to for easy gripping and with volume measures marked on the side.

This is a classically styled gin, with a striking juniper up front a bright flush of citrus to the side. Warming spice builds gradually in the background. Fords Gin works in any Gin cocktail, but especially deserves to be tried in a Martini.

Key Flavours

"When first released it was almost only ever seen in bars, but over the years the recognition has grown and enthusiasts are finally getting to see just how versatile Fords is. It's a go to for those looking for drinks cabinet essentials."

About this product

Fords Gin is made in collaboration between 86 Spirits Company and Thames Distillers. The gin is made London Dry style at Thames, then it is shipped to Charbay Distillery in California and cut to its bottling strength of 45%.

The 86 Co. was created by former Plymouth brand ambassador Simon Ford, marketing man Malte Barnekow, finance guy Kris Roth and Duncan Zaric and Jason Kosmas of acclaimed New York speakeasy Employees Only.

Thames Distillers, based in South London, is a contract distillery responsible for creating so many of today’s gins. Distiller Charles Maxwell is a dab hand, able to perfect a gin in a couple of tries. If he’s made it, it’s good.

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