Fortunella Golden Orange Liqueur

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Fortunella Golden Orange Liqueur

50cl | 36% ABV | England

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An homage to the kumquat - Fortunella's is a beautifully balanced, soft, moreish liqueur made in London. A good alternative for those seeking out Triple Sec and a lovely drink when served with tonic or soda.

Kumquat fruit and it's orangey tones, zesty citrus oils and an underlying creamy vanilla softness all flood the senses. Rich but not overly sweet and a higher than norm ABV allows it to carry when served long. Add soda for a refreshing drink!

About this product

Made by hand from fresh kumquats from China, India, South Africa and South America. These are macerated in alcohol and distilled with (in the context of liqueurs), a very low amount of sugar added.

Fortunella was created by bartender Lukas Stafin and Dariusz Plazewski, founder and distiller of Bimber (where this is made). They named it after a Mr Robert Fortune who, allegedly, introduced the kumquat to London in 1846.

Fortunella is London made but it’s heart is based in the east. The packaging reflects this and is a nod to the early references to kumquats that first appeared in 12th century Chinese literature.

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