G&Tea at the Hendrick's Hotel Pack

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G&Tea at the Hendrick's Hotel Pack

70cl | 41.4% ABV | Scotland

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A spectacular and peculiarly delightful treat from Hendrick's Gin! A full tea set to serve up extraordinary cocktails, all packed into an intricately designed Hotel fit for collectors.

The ultimate gift for Hendrick's Gin fans. From the bespoke outer shippers and surprisingly delightful design in each “room” of the Hotel, the pack will transform a few drinks with friends into a wonderfully eccentric occasion.

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The pack contains a 70cl Hendrick's Gin bottle, and a custom Hendrick’s tea set including a bespoke teapot, six tea cups and six saucers. The pack is made as a limited edition collectible.

Hendrick’s Gin was created by William Grant and Sons in 1999. The brand saw a gap in the market and knew that the two people best placed to fill it were their revered Malt Master David Stewart and the extraordinary Distiller Leslie Gracie.

William Grant is a hugely famous name in distilling, though it's certainly more known in the Whisky world. Still, they’ve aced the gin, with Hendrick’s now a cult name and all its variations are met with rapturous applause.

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