Garden Swift Dry Gin

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Garden Swift Dry Gin

50cl | 47% ABV | England

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Capreolous Distillery’s Garden Swift Gin was designed to capture fleeting moments of nature, preserving each season’s flourishes and nuances in spirit form. It is a miraculous gin, crammed with flavour and whimsy.

Garden Swift Gin has a really rounded taste and aroma, with sweet, honey-notes coming in at the fore, joined by a rush of blood orange and a deep rowan berry, fruity heart. Luscious and full, this is one to sip and savour in a Martini.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit
"A fantastic gin, with blood orange leading you into an exquisitely intricate range of flavours, from soft and leafy florals to ripe and fruity rowan and into curried spice. A spectacular artisan gin, immaculately crafted - a must have."

About this product

Made in a lean-to shed in the garden of founder Barney Wilczak’s childhood home, Garden Swift Gin sees 34 botanicals – including wormwood, peppermint and curry leaves – added to the still at once – some in with the spirit, others vapour infused.

Barney created Capreolous Distillery with a view to making a range of eaux de vie that would pay homage to the land. Once he’d worked out the botanical diversity on offer, however, making a gin was all but inevitable.

Capreolous Distillery isn’t one for visitors, sadly, but it is a magnificent little place of wonder, with made jars stacked with experiments dotted around the garden. Every product made there is a perfectly executed, harmonious flavour sensation.

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