Gem and Bolt Mezcal

Gem and Bolt Mezcal

70cl | 44% ABV | Mexico

A refined mezcal with a ‘revolutionary spirit,’ Gem and Bolt Mezcal utilises fair-trade, organic and sustainable Espadin agave and fresh mountain spring water.

Espadin is harvested, slowly wood-roasted in earth pit ovens and mashed by Tahona. Roasted mash is fermented naturally in wooden vats and distilled. After resting for 3-6 months, the Damiana herb is added before a second distillation.

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About this product

Originally known for its herbal-infused cocktails, Gem and Bolt Mezcal makes an exciting alternative to a Basil Smash. It's only lightly smoky (in the context of Mezcal), herbaceous due to the added Damiana and slightly floral.

Founded by Adrin Adrina and Elliott Coon, this mezcal is produced by a fourth generation master distiller with the ethos of ‘Make art, share plant awareness, celebrate, repeat.’

The Gem and Bolt distillery is based among the rolling hills of Oaxaca, Mexico, the state which is home to the country’s most vibrant crafts and art scene.

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