Gin 1689 Queen Mary Edition Pink Gin
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Gin 1689 Queen Mary Edition Pink Gin

70cl | 38.5% ABV | Netherlands

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Named after the wife of King William of Orange the Third, the Queen Mary Edition is a Pink Gin that layers strawberry and raspberry onto Gin 1689's spiced profile. A delight!

Zesty citrus and juicy strawberry greet the senses, with the gins familiar core of  spice pushing just behind. The raspberry is nice and jammy with juniper returning to finish. Add raspberries when garnishing your G&T!

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It's unclear how 1689 is made, although based on our understanding of the legendary distillery who produce it, it's likely made by blending individually created botanical distillates together. They then infuse strawberries and raspberries together.

Owner Alexander Janssens spent two years of searching, he found the recipe British Library. His Amsterdam Craft Gin Company tried to recreate the recipe as authentically as possible, teaming up with Hernam Jansen for production.

Gin 1689 is made in Holland, by Master distiller Herman Jansen (based in Schiedam). The distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Europe and are renowned for producing exceptional gins.

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