Gin Sul

Gin Sul

50cl | 43% ABV | Germany

Gin Sul gives the drinker a double dose of exoticism, given that it's made in Hamburg but inspired by the Algarve. Packed with Mediterranean herbs and flowers and juicy citruses, this is a cracking gin of great depth.

Green, leafy lemon balm notes steal up out of the bottle, followed swiftly by rose petals and a dash of fruit. There’s a great deal of juniper at work here, and a lovely refreshing herbal note. Gin Sul is great G&T fodder – try Mediterranean Tonic.

Key Flavours

"Lemon balm notes flare up on the nostrils giving it a fresh character matching the youthful look of the bottle. The gum rockrose comes through to taste. Once the flush of waxy citrus has whooshed past, more piny juniper starts to come through."

About this product

The majority of Gin Sul’s botanicals are macerated in the still ahead of distillation, but rose, lemon peel, rose petals and lavender are distilled via the vapour chamber, to allow for freshness. The spirit is left to rest for a day before being cut.

Gin Sul is the work of founder and distillery Stephen Garbe, who was inspired to make a gin whilst hiking around the Portuguese coastline during a sabbatical in 2013.

Gin Sul isn’t the only gin in the distillery’s roster – there’s a handful of limited edition, including Ruby Sul, aged in a Ruby Port barrel, and Cruzeiro Do Sul, aged in a Muscatel de Setubal barrel.

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