Glendalough Rose Gin

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Glendalough Rose Gin

70cl | 37.5% ABV | Ireland

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Glendalough Rose Gin is a sweet, pink treat made in the Wicklow Mountains. With summer florals, autumn fruit and winter spice, it’s a beautiful, unique journey through the year in rural Ireland.

Glendalough Rose Gin is an aromatic, dusky treat with an abundance of fresh rose flavours. Like a liquid Turkish delight, this is a sweet, moreish and unusual offering that is lovely served up with lemonade and lashings of orange.

Key Flavours

"The depth and complexity reached here is something that's only possible when the botanical is both distilled into the mix and infused after. This dual dose means that it's as floral, fragrant and flavourful as the pink hue suggests it will be."

About this product

To make their Glendalough Rose Gin, the team rebalance their Wild Botanical Gin and add a selection of three varieties of rose, some plucked from across Wicklow. The petals, heritage and damask roses, are also infused into the spirit afterwards.

Glendalough Distillery was founded by five friends – Kevin Kennan, Gary McLoughlin, Brian Fagan, Barry Gallagher and Donal O’Gallachoir – who sought to revive the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland.

Glendalough Distillery has a handful of gins to its name now – not only the seasonal expression, but a year-round gin and a Poitin. Not bad for a distillery still in its early years…

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