Gorilla Silverback Old Tom Gin

Gorilla Silverback Old Tom Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

Silverback Old Tom Gin harks back to the gins of the 18th Century, wherein a little extra sugar and an increased botanical intensity were employed. This gin is a sweet, gooey and delicious offering, perfect for a roster of Prohibition era cocktails.

Silverback Old Tom Gin is rich and luscious, packed with an extraordinary amount of botanicals and a healthy dose of sugar. Flavoursome, with an almost chewy texture, this is perfect fodder for a Martinez or a Tom Collins.

Key Flavours

"The Old Tom uses the same seven botanicals used in Silverback Mountain Strength Gin and the familiarity comes through to taste except here, they use a lot more of them so. The. intensity is ramped up. So too is the sweetness given the added sugar."

About this product

All of the gins in the Gorilla Spirits range are distilled in small batches on the distillery’s small copper still, lovingly nicknamed Mugwaneza. Botanicals in Silverback Old Tom Gin include orange, calamus and lemongrass.

Gorilla Spirits was founded by Andy Daniels, who sought to create an ethically run business with a diverse collection of spirits to its name.

Gorilla Spirits is a philanthropic enterprise with animal welfare at its heart. Every bottle sold sees £1 donated to The Gorilla Organization, Gorilla Spirits’ charity of choice.

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Olivier Ward, Editor, Gin Foundry
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