Greater Than London Dry Gin

Greater Than London Dry Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | India

Greater Than Gin is a super vibrant, juniper-centric gin coming in all the way from Goa, India. Packed with traditional gin flavours and finished with a bone-warming ginger, this is a truly special gin at a far from premium price.

Despite its far-flung home and exotic botanical list, Greater Than Gin is a clean, classic gin that works in all manner of cocktails. We love it most of all in a G&T with a lime wedge garnish.

Key Flavours

"If you like classically styled London Dry Gin, this one is for you. The orange, meets juniper and coriander seed and onto fennel on the finish gives the gin a clearly defined flavour journey. The price for that quality is incredible too."

About this product

Greater Than London Dry Gin is copper pot distilled using botanicals sourced from India and across the world. Fennel seeds, coriander, lemongrass add warmth, whilst chamomile adds a sweet stripe of softness.

Nao Spirits was founded by four friends – Anand Virmani, Vaibhav Singh, Aparjita Ninan and Jay Dhawan, who while waiting for the craft distilling boom to reach the country realised that the best way for it to begin was to start it themselves.

Nao Spirits was one of the first craft distilleries to open up in India and is very much doing its part to make Gin cool in its home region, a place that puts most of its favour on dark spirits. The also make the fantastic Hapusa Gin.

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