Greensand Ridge London Dry Gin

Greensand Ridge London Dry Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

Greensand Ridge is a London Dry Gin distilled in small batches at a sustainable distillery in Surrey. It’s a delicate, curious gin with cobnuts, gorse, honey, rosehip, sloes, bay laurel and poppy seeds in the line-up.

Greensand Ridge is a soft, well-balanced gin, with the gorse and honey tackling the traditional gin spices to the ground. Pine floods the mouth after the initial sip, making this a perfectly complex spirit. Try it in a Martini to really unfold it.

Key Flavours

"Fantastically rounded gin where no individual botanical dominates. Cobnuts add depth, Gorse Flower brings a coconutty soft touch, while oak moss, honey, rosehip, hawthorn, bay laurel all bring a sense of the countryside in a perfectly balanced rec..."

About this product

Greensand Ridge Distillery has a 300-litre Arnold Holstein still, which produces 350-bottles of gin at a time. The botanicals are added into the pot just ahead of distillation, with a very short, sharp hearts cut taken each run.

Greensand Ridge was established by Will Edge, a man who really puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to sustainability. He firmly believes that all businesses should be run as green as can be, and tries to lead by example.

Greensand Ridge Distillery has a number of products to its name, including several brandies and a beautifully sweet rum. The countryside distillery is open to tours, and even runs a gin school.

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