G'Vine June Peach Gin Liqueur

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G'Vine June Peach Gin Liqueur

70cl | 30% ABV | France

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June by G’Vine is one of the most sumptuous, decadent liqueurs on the market. Packed with sweet, plump peaches, this is a compelling, rich and beautiful tipple with a moreish quality.

Crammed full of orchard flavours, June by G’Vine is a soft, sweet syrup well worth savouring. Sip it neat over ice, or stretch it out with rose lemonade for a truly decadent drink.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
"Ripe, sun-kissed fruit aromas made with wild peach and summer fruits. It's summer in a glass and has you transported to the south of France, smelling the sun cream as you set out for a day on the beach."

About this product

June by G’Vine is a beautiful summertime liqueur made by infusing G’Vine Gin with summer berries and wild-plucked peaches, before cutting it to bottling strength and adding a little sweetener.

G’Vine Gin was created by Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, a Frenchman who grew up amongst the vines and who was inspired to make a gin that embraced and showcased the seasons.

G’Vine Gin is made in a beautiful stone farmhouse – Maison Villevert – in Cognac, France. It is a real celebrant of grapes and a matter of enormous pride for its creator.

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