Half Hitch Pink Berry Gin

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Half Hitch Pink Berry Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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A pink variant of Half Hitch Gin, using raspberry, strawberry and blackberry to add both a fruity flavour as well as a pink hue.

Slightly tart summer-like berries take the lead here, but that bergamot citrus hit and the peppery finish that are so distinct in the original come through behind. Lemon Tonic and a strawberry to garnish.

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About this product

Half Hitch Gin employs a complex distillation method, mixing a base gin formed of traditional botanicals made in a copper still with separate tinctures of black tea, bergamot, wood and pepper as well as a vacuum distillate of hay.

Half Hitch Distillery was created by distiller Mark Holdsworth in late 2014, who came from a booze background, having worked for Bacardi for a number of years. His ideal serve for Half Hitch Gin is a Bronx cocktail.

The gin is named after the strong rope knot used to moor up barges along Camden Lock during the industrial era. To this day, you can still see the rope marks etched into the stone walls and wrought iron bridges.

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Half Hitch Gin

Part made in Camden, North London, Half Hitch Gin is a beautifully crafted spirit that utilises its unique blend of botanicals to build a profile that is all at once heavy and light, dry and sweet...

"Camden has a long gin history- home to W&A Gilbey, a gin distillery so large that a daily train, known as The Gilbey’s Special, departed from the docks. There's even a juniper crescent. Half Hitch continue this connection for the modern era."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon
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