Havana Club 7yo Rum

Havana Club 7yo Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | Cuba

Havana Club 7yo Rum is the original Cuban sipping rum. There's so much flavour packed in the bottle - expect sweet Cuban tobacco, lush tropical fruits, soft vanilla and dry cocoa.

With aromatic tobacco leaf and sweet caramelized tropical fruits, the aroma is compelling. To taste molasses, oak-laden spices, caramel and vanilla pop up one after the other. Havana Club 7yo Rum is delicious in an Old Fashioned.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

For Havana 7 the Maestros del Ron Cubano created a process they've coined as ‘continuous ageing’ whereby part of each final batch of Havana 7 is put back in the barrel to age, to be used in a future production. A micro-solera if you will.

Originally founded in 1878 by Don Jose Arechabala, Havana Club was nationalised in the 60's. In 1993, Pernod Ricard and Corporación Cuba Ron launched the joint venture to bring Havana Club to the world.

Havana Club rum is produced in two Cuban distilleries. One is at Santa Cruz del Norte, east of Havana and the other at San José. Havana Club represents rum's important part in the nation's rich cultural heritage.

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