Height of Arrows Gin Bright

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Height of Arrows Gin Bright

70cl | 48% ABV | Scotland

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A brighter version of Height of Arrows gin, with more citrus than the original, more botanical intensity and a livelier profile overall. Delicious in a G&T or a Martini.

Waxy citrus and sweet juniper. The beeswax works hard to bring citrus and light, bright character, but the juniper grounds it into the forest floor. Dry finish.

Key Flavours

"This is the best of their range and it's a far more complete gin than the others. There' so much more flavour overall, the citrus twang it has is clever, the juniper is pronounced, the salt subtle and a great all rounder. "

About this product

This gin contains just three ingredients, juniper, Isle of Skye sea salt and natural beeswax. Made to a multi-shot LDN Dry Method - Bright uses triple the amount of botanicals compared to their original gin.

Holyrood Distillery was founded by Canadians Rob and Kelly Carpenter and Scot David Robertson. The aim for their gins was to take a whisky maker's approach - simple recipe with few ingredients that create far more than the sum of their parts.

Holyrood Distillery sits in a refurbished former Engine Shed under the watchful eye of Arthur’s Seats, the main peak that forms the Holyrood hills and that forms Edinburgh’s iconic skyline.

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