Hendrick's Lunar Gin

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Hendrick's Lunar Gin

70cl | 43.4% ABV | Scotland

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In typically peculiar fashion, Hendrick’s Lunar is said to have been conceived under the influence of the celestial light of the moon, yielding an alluring complexity and delightful warmth, best suited to night-sipping…

Deeply floral and richly aromatic both on the nose and to taste, with a twang of citrus and a warming heat on the finish. Serve with a cucumber as you would the Original Hendrick’s, but don’t be shy and add cracked black pepper too.

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About this product

Hendrick’s uses two still types – Pot stills which produce heavy, oily flavours and Carter Head stills, which produce lighter spirits through vapour infusion. The two spirits are blended after distillation with further essences added thereafter.

Hendrick’s Lunar is part of the distillery’s Cabinet of Curiosity series, in which Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie’s most unusual creations are released. Expect bold, unique ideas refined through her expert nose.

William Grant is a hugely famous name in distilling, though it's certainly more known in the Whisky world. Still, they’ve aced the gin, with Hendrick’s and all its variations met with rapturous applause.

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"One of the big reasons Hendrick's became so big is that it's an accessible, easy sipping floral gin with (aside from the cucumber and rose) a soft chamomile and sweet citrus hit. If you are just getting into gin, it's a great place to start."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon
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""Flirtatiously floral" is how they describe it, but I'd say this is a direct pursuit... Raspberries, roses and a big swathes of lavender accompany a candied orange. The fruit makes it summery, but the lead notes are its very bold florals."
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