High Point Ruby Aperitif

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High Point Ruby Aperitif

70cl | 0% ABV | England

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Ruby is a stunningly vibrant bittersweet aperitif infused with grapefruit, hibiscus, lavender, orange, wormwood, and pink peppercorns. The result of this careful blend bring a bright, bold and refreshing flavour that’s wonderfully unique.

Complex and BURSTING with flavour. Dive nose-first into wild herbal aroma, followed by a cool wave of zest and spice, before kicking back with lasting bittersweet citrus.

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About this product

Made by fermenting and infusing ingredients inc tea leaves, hibiscus, lavender, wormwood, pink peppercorn, orange zest, pink grapefruit and other botanicals. Any alcohol produced in the fermentation stage is biologically removed.

High Point Drinks is the brainchild of Eddie Lofthouse, founder of Cornish brewery Harbour Brewing. (Both High Point Drinks and Harbour Brewing are based near Bodmin in Cornwall).

High-point ferment their own base, perfecting their signature balanced flavour profiles with raw natural ingredients in Cornwall. The entire process takes around a month to complete from starting infusion to finished bottle.

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