Hills & Harbour Gin

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Hills & Harbour Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | Scotland

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Hills and Harbour Gin is a grain to glass wonder that leads the drinker on a journey through the earth, from the tips of the hills to the bottom of the sea. Exotic and earthy all at once, it’s an utterly divine and unique spirit.

With bladderwrack seaweed, noble fir and mango on the line-up, Hills and Harbour Gin is an inexplicably complex affair, layered, intriguing and quite wonderful. It makes for a super fresh G&T garnished with an orange peel.

Key Flavours

"One of the best Scottish Gins with a well conceived and then executed flavour profile. The bottle and packaging is deceptively charming too. The colour, the frosting, the modern touches - it all contributes to an ensemble that just delivers."

About this product

The entire process for Hills & Harbour gin happens in house, with the base spirit distilled on giant, modern looking I-Stills, before being redistilled one final time with all of the botanicals needed.

Crafty Distillery emerged in 2013, when co-founder Graham Taylor noticed that a small whisky distillery was for sale. While he didn’t quite have the cash for that, the seed of an idea was planted, any by 2014 he had a strategy…

Crafty Distillery has tapped right into the Gin tourism trend, not only offering tours of the distillery, but creating picnic packages for those who happen to make their way to their set-up in the Galloway Hills, Scotland.

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