Inverroche 3 Gin Gift Pack

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Inverroche 3 Gin Gift Pack

15cl | 43% ABV | South Africa

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Discover a trio of Inverroche Gins in this handy little taster pack of 3 x 50ml bottles. A perfect gift for those looking to explore South African Gin and taste the range of one of the country's most famed producers.

The pack includes the Classic Gin, the Verdant Gin and the Amber Gin. Between them, they demonstrate how diverse South Africa's native botanicals are, with clever use of different Fynbos which have been infused and distilled in the respective gins.

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About this product

To create any of the Inverroche Gins, the distillery layers its botanicals in baskets above the pot still, thus allowing a fresher infusion of flavours. For the Verdant and Amber, an extra dose of fynbos is infused into the gin after distillation.

Inverroche Distillery was founded by mother and son duo Lorna and Rohan Scott, who began experimenting with a 1.7-litre copper pot still back in 2007. Their reputation grew, attracting the attention of Pernod Ricard who are now stake holders.

Inverroche Distillery has spread pretty well across the globe, and there’s little wonder – its products are exemplary, and with such clarity of flavour coming from the fynbos, each a neat representation of their home country.

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