Jaisalmer Gin

Jaisalmer Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | India

Jaisalmer Gin is a hugely impressive Indian gin, made with real passion and based on decades worth of expertise passed down from generation to generation of Master Blender Anup Barik’s family.

Sweet oranges floor the tongue, rolling out something of a red carpet for the juniper and spices. The tea starts to shine right at the end, pinching of a dry, crisp finish. There are endless ways to work this in a G&T, but we like a sprig of mint.

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About this product

Jaisalmer Gin is made in a traditional copper pot still at Radico Khaitan's impressive facility. There are 11 botanicals in the gin, seven of which were grown in India: coriander, vetiver, orange and lemon peel, cubeb, lemongrass and Darjeeling tea.

Jaisalmer Gin is made at Radico Khaitan in India, an enormous distillery, producing over 157 million litres of spirit a year. Headed up by Sanjeev Banga, who witnessed the resurgence of Gin in Europe and the USA and decided to get involved.

India made and inspired by "The Golden city" in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer gin is the best of both worlds. Their authentic production and botanicals that give it a sense of place, but it's very clearly still gin with a solid juniper backbone.

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