Jensen's Old Tom Gin

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Jensen's Old Tom Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

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Jensen’s Old Tom Gin is a traditional take on this 18th Century Gin category. This is a sweet, intense gin, but rather than any added sugar, its sweet hit comes from using liquorice root and citrus oils.

Based on a recipe from the 1840s, Jensen’s Old Tom Gin is a classically sweet gin, perfect in a Tom Collins but fantastic in a G&T with a great, juicy orange wheel.

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About this product

Jensen’s Gin is made on a small still in house in Bermondsey. It is made London Dry style, with all of the botanicals distilled at once to a multishot method.

Founder Christopher Jensen was given a bottle of a long defunct gin whilst working at a bar in Japan. When he returned to London, spirit in hand, he made his way to Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillers and sought his help recreating the gin.

Bermondsey Distillery, home to Jensen’s Gin, has well and truly tapped into the trend for Gin tourism, hosting private, after hours tours of its set up to curious minds.

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