Jinzu Gin

Jinzu Gin

70cl | 41.3% ABV | Scotland

Jinzu Gin is a Scottish made, Japanese inspired Gin and an amazing example of East meets West, with juniper and cherry blossom intermingling delicately whilst yuzu clamours for attention.

Packed with fleshy citrus flavours, Jinzu Gin is a loud, bold and easy sipping spirit, with soft flowers at the top and a creamy sake mouthfeel throughout. Creator Dee Davies suggests a slice of green apple as her G&T garnish.

Key Flavours

"Gin meets sake is not a one plus one equation. It's much greater than the sum of its parts and a gin for those who like complex and well crafted floral flavours."

About this product

To make the gin, Diageo add juniper, coriander and angelica to a neutral grain spirit and leave it to macerate. Just ahead of distillation, cherry blossom and yuzu are added in. Once the gin comes off the still, Sake is added into the mix.

Designed by bartender Dee Davies for Diageo’s Show Your Spirit competition in 2013, Jinzu Gin was initially intended to be a short lived spirit. It’s popularity, however, has never quite let the stills stop running.

Jinzu Gin is made in Cameronbridge Distillery in Scotland, a fact that helps give the spirit solid gin pedigree. It's what's travelled there that makes it unique though, with the sake in particular adding a spectacular note.

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