Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur

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Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur

70cl | 30% ABV | Mexico

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Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur is a Mexican liqueur combining rum with coconuts from the Yucatan peninsula. Expect a full-on intensely coconut flavoured liqueur here.

Sweet with subtle notes of chocolate, Kalani Coconut delivers desiccated coconut, toasted coconut, baked coconut, fresh fleshy coconut and coconut icing sugar. It's a coconut fiesta! There's also a strong peppery rum to back it too.

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About this product

Casa D'Aristi in Mexico ferment fresh coconut milk from Yellow Dwarf Coconuts and macerate it with Mexican sugar cane rum to create their Kalani Liqueur.

Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur is produced by the Casa D'Aristi distillery in Mexico, who have been producing artisan Yucatecan liquors since 1935 using solely natural ingredients.

The coconuts are harvested at a plantation in the Yucatan, shredded and pressed to release their milk. This is sent over to Casa D'Aristi distillery in Mexico, where Kalani Coconut Rum Liqueur is produced.

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