Kamm and Sons British Aperitif

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Kamm and Sons British Aperitif

70cl | 33% ABV | England

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A delicious British bittersweet aperitif defined by big notes of ginseng, fresh grapefruit peels and wormwood. Great to enjoy with tonic and essential for a White Negroni.

Ginseng and anise emerge on the nose while to taste grapefruit and a touch of elderflower start the journey, before powerful fennel and spicy herbs take over. There's a honeyed bittersweet finish.

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About this product

Forty-one botanicals are distilled to create a concentrated spirit. Separately four botanicals (manuka, gentian, wormwood and annatto) are macerated in pure alcohol. Once these have steeped for four weeks they are blended along with sugar and water.

Launched in 2011, Kamm & Sons was created by Alex Kammerling, a drinks industry veteran who spent five years honing the recipe to create the recipe.

Kamm & Sons is made in London with the help of Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillery. Each batch is tested by a tasting panel including the founder Alex Kammerling.

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