Kew Organic Gin - Explorer's Strength Gin

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Kew Organic Gin - Explorer's Strength Gin

70cl | 57.3% ABV | England

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Kew Explorers’ Strength Gin is a collaboration between The Royal Botanic Gardens and The London Distillery Company. With literally a whole world of plants at their fingertips, it was hard to choose, hence the gin’s whopping 44 botanicals.

The flowers of the flagship shine through, but the higher strength gives way to spice very quickly. This is a firecracker gin, with a rich, herbaceous profile that shines in a Negroni.

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About this product

Botanicals included in Kew Explorers’ Gin include two typed of juniper, several varieties of citrus and flora foraged from Kew, including rosemary, lavender, galangal, santolina and passion flower. It is bottled at 57.3% ABV.

Kew Gin is made by the London Distillery Company. The distillery pays a fee for use of the KEW Gardens name, meaning that each bottle sold helps fund important scientific research underway there.

Kew Gardens date back to the 18th century and are a globally renowned scientific institution for plant research. They harness the power of science and the rich diversity of their gardens and collections to unearth why plants matter to everyone.

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