Khoosh Bitter

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Khoosh Bitter

70cl | 20% ABV | England

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Khoosh uses a blend of botanicals including Quassia amara and orange peel to create and exotic citrus concoction designed to pair with Champagnes and be used in cocktails.

Zesty herbal orange leads the profile, herbaceous notes follow alongside rich marmalade and then bittersweet gentian takes over the finish. Koosh is citrus-forward overall and A half way house between Suze and Cointreau.

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About this product

Botanicals such as orange peel, gentian and quassia amara are steeped into neutral spirit and lightly sweetened.

Owned and produced by Phoenyx Spirits, a company that specialises in reviving lost and forgotten brands, by either recreating them or re-imagining them for a new generation of drinkers.

Khoosh Bitters was originally produced from 1881 until 1900 in Britain, stopping when the company went into liquidation. This modern version revives this British legacy and is made in Surrey.

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