Kongsgaard Gin

Kongsgaard Gin

70cl | 44% ABV | Denmark

Kongsgaard Gin is an amazingly outdoorsy Danish gin, which places apples at the very core of its flavour profile. Fresh, crisp, elegant and moreish, this is a gin with a real fruit crunch to it.

Kongsgaard Raw Gin is packed with essential oils, resulting in a cheek-filling viscosity and a flavour that all but explodes on the tongue. It makes for an unreal G&T – try it without a garnish to let the flavours sing.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

Designed to be accurate representation of all areas of the forest, Kongsgaard Gin features tree sap and charred oak amongst its line-up, along with a selection of sweet roots and fruits.

Kongsgaard is full of promise. Lead by Soren Søren Kongsgaard himself - the team are currently planting their very own forest and are well on their way to becoming carbon neutral.

The gin is inspired and named after the great hall of Kongsgaard, home to legendary Vikings. The woodland surrounds of. Their home is reflected in the gin's flavour profile.

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