Kummel Wolfschmitt

Kummel Wolfschmitt

50cl | 39% ABV | Germany

Wolfschmidt Kummel is an aniseed-and-caraway-flavoured liqueur with a full texture and a honeyed  spice finish. Great on the rocks, or for golfers before teeing off...

Zesty lemon and caraway lead the charge, with caraway and anise pushing through as you sip. The anise continues to the very finish. Serve as close to frozen as you can get it.

Key Flavours


About this product

Caraway, lemon, anise and other botanicals are distilled. Sweetener is added before bottling.

The Wolfschmidt name dates back to a distillery at Riga, Latvia which famously supplied booze to Russian tsars Nikolaj I and Alexander III. The name is now owned by Beam Inc.

Kümmel as a drink can trace its lineage back to the 16th century when it was popular in Northern European countries such as Holland, Denmark and Latvia.

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