Kvîst Classica Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

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Kvîst Classica Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

70cl | 0% ABV | Great Britain

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Kvîst Classica is an ideal replacement for those looking for an alternative to gin in their G&T, with notes of juniper, silver birch and orange throughout.

Drying herbal juniper is clear, but the softer citrus sweetness and undertones of tart rhubarb add a fruity edge. Spicy pepper and earthy roots (Galangal root, gentian and Cascarilla Bark) linger. Top with tonic and an orange peel.

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KVIST macerate botanicals in either neutral grain spirit and /or pure water. Each distillate goes through copper pot distillation. The alcohol is then removed before blending and bottling. No sweeteners are added.

KVÎST was created by The Bloomsbury Club UK, (the people behind Gin Lane 1751), who source extracts and distilates from multiple distilleries and flavour houses to create it.

KVÎST from the old Norsk word meaning twig or botany, and while the essences and distilates are sourced from around Europe, the silver birch from Norway.

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