Kyrö Gin

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Kyrö Gin

50cl | 46.3% ABV | Finland

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Kyro Gin (formerly known as Napue) is a beautiful Finnish gin that merges a traditional gin profile with sumptuous local flavours – namely meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, cranberries and birch leaves.

Kyro Gin is a refreshing gin packed with big flavours. Bold, piny juniper, sweet jammy lingonberries and an acerbic sea buckthorn combine in a glorious swirl. Amazing in a G&T with a few cranberries and a sprig of rosemary to garnish.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
"Kyro makes for a mind blowing G&T, with the foraged fresh botanicals (like sea buckthorn, cranberries and birch leaves) really driving through. The higher ABV (46.3%) helps maintain the gin's flavour in Negronis too."

About this product

To make Kyro Gin, they distil a 13-botanical strong classic gin, then perform separate distillation for the local ingredients as they vary seasonally. All distillates are blended together afterwards to create a consistent, delicious profile.

Kyro Distillery possibly has one of the more unique genesis stories, given that the life long friends behind it – Miika, Miko, Mikko, Kalle and Jouni – first had the idea to create their spirits whilst squashed together in a sauna.

Napue Distillery has an amazing reputation and a handful of spirits to its name, including a Rye Whiskey. Their gin went from little known to superstar overnight, after it took the top prize at the 2015 International Wine and Spirits Competition.

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