Lambs Navy Demerara Rum
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Lambs Navy Demerara Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | Guyana

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Lambs Navy Demerara Rum is a "Navy-style" rum not navy-strength for you gin nerds out there.

A blend of sweet island spice and molasses with subtle oak, Lambs Navy Demerara Rum is best when mixed with cola.

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About this product

Lambs Navy Demerara Rum is a blend of no fewer than 18 superior rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana.

Founded in 1849 by 22-year-old Londoner Alfred Lamb, the son of wine and spirits merchant William Lamb. Over the years the company has changed hands and today it is owned by Pernod Ricard.

Lambs has a long history and while it's heritage is strongly linked to Britain, there's no doubt that Newfoundland is "Lamb’s Nation". Lamb’s has been the best selling spirit brand in Newfoundland for over 30 years.

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