Langley's Old Tom Gin
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Langley's Old Tom Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

Langley’s Old Tom Gin is a superb rendition of this Gin sub-category, based on a recipe from the 18th Century. It balances the sweetness of the era with the desires of modern palates and is a perfect cocktail companion.

Caramelised citrus peels and an oaky spice frame the flavours of Langley’s Old Tom Gin. Hot and sweet, with a bushy green flourish, this is a bruising, tongue-staining spirit positively begging to be stirred into a Martinez.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits
"Exactly what you'd expect from OLD TOM as a style of Gin - Botanically intense and lots of sweetness throughout. Up front, rounded orange and a creamy juniper are clear, while fennel and nutmeg are carried onto the lingering sweet finish."

About this product

Langley’s Old Tom Gin follows a typical London Dry method. Ingredients include juniper, fennel, lemon peel, tangerine and coriander.

Despite being named for and made at Langley, Langley’s No. 8 was actually conceptualised by Mark Dawkins and Mark Cump, who approached Langley with a request to borrow the name and created the gin alongside distiller Rob Dorsett.

Langley Distillery, based in the West Midlands, is a historic distillery producing well over 80 gins, many under contract. There are some truly exceptional spirits amongst their collection, made on some of the oldest working gin stills in the UK.

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