Langs Banana Rum

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Langs Banana Rum

70cl | 37.5% ABV | Scotland

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Expect big banana flavours and tropical funk from Lang's. It aims to hold true to the original 1860s Lang Brothers Banana Rum which was known for its tropical and characterful nature, packed with vibrant exotic fruit notes.

Fruity warm banana bread greets the nose, topped with brown sugar and vanilla. To taste, the rum flavours build, joined by over-ripe sweet banana. Great with cola on a hot summery day!

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

A combination of molasses rich aged and unaged Jamaican rum (from both pot and column stills), are blended and infused with natural fruit flavours.

The original recipe for Lang Bros Banana Rum was showcased at the Edinburgh international Exhibition in 1886. If disappeared off the shelves for a while, but thankfully Ian Macleod Distillers decided it was high time to resurrect it in 2020.

Langs Jamaican Rum was originally imported in 1861 when it was brought to Glasgow from the Caribbean. The new version of the Rum looks to replicate this age old history with the spirit going from Jamaica to Scotland before being infused there.

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